CD Fabriek

CD Fabriek


25 April 2001

New selection from the CD Factory:

These products will be printed in your house style or with your logo and text. The audio or data part is up to you. Follow the link and check out the examples at the bottom of the related page.

30 December

The CD Factory advertising banner is ready. If you see this banner on a website, in a click you’ll be at the CD Factory website.

16 December 2000

***SUPERSTUNT AT THE CD FACTORY!!!*** With a CD recording you get the pre-master completely free!!*** Take advantage of this super offer now!!*** Choose the best deal in the Netherlands!!***

15 December 2000

As of today the CD Factory website is online. On the products page you’ll find a complete overview of our selection with corresponding prices. An overview of past projects produced by the CD Factory can be found on the references-page.

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